for advanced 'Solution Focused Therapists' who already know how to do SF Therapy 'briefly' in hours, but not yet 'ultra shortly' in minutes

On the 18th of June Dr. Paul Koeck, MD interviewed his friend Dr. Luc Isebaert, MD to "Crack the code" of his wizard-like magic ultra short therapy session.

Steve De Shazer told Paul once during a dinner in San Francisco: "Luc applies all the Solution Focused principles .... and then he suddenly does his 'magical trick' ... and it works"

For years Paul was intrigued how his friend and mentor Luc was doing his 'magical trick. He observed Luc doing it dozens of times successfully in little minutes of time, either during Luc's training sessions in demonstrations to his students, either in real life when someone in a casual conversation inserted a problem situation where he or she was stuck. Early June, Paul called Luc if he was interested to set up a joint interview aiming at "cracking the code" of how Dr. Luc Isebaert does his 'magical trick', as Steve would say ... discovering Luc's critical success factors.

Viktor Frankl's grandson, my friend Alex Vesely, commented after viewing this interview: "Good interview. Kind of connects Viktor Frankl and Milton Erickson..."

Dr. Paul Koeck Interviewed Dr. Luc Isebaert from the perspective of the already trained solution focused therapists who now wants to learn the 'advanced skill' of doing a therapy session ultra briefly, because often physicians only have 5 minutes to see their patient and still want to be of great help.

Luc Isebaert, MD and Paul Koeck, MD, will co-present this as a primeur at a workshop at the EBTA (European Brief Therapy Conference) in Sofia on Saturday 22 september 2018 at 15:30 - 16:30 in Royal 1 Hall. Read more @ https:// ebtaconference2018sofia. org /programa/

The interview was done a first time in Luc's mother tongue Dutch and in the afternoon replayed in English on sunday June 18th 2018:

Ultra-short therapy demystified - in English, Part 1 (45'):

Ultra-short therapy demystified - in English, Part 2 (16'):

Ultrakorte therapie ontrafeld - in Dutch, Part 1: (45')

Ultrakorte therapie ontrafeld - in Dutch, Part 2: (19')

After the interview, Luc was very enthusiastic and told Paul that he learned himself a lot about HOW he does do it specifically ... things he did not know consciously and as a consequence could not yet teach to his students. Sophie, Luc's wife was present during the interview and reported equally having learned a lot during this interview.

Remind that those interviews are meant exclusively for the advanced Solution Focused psychotherapist who already knows how to do Solution Focused Therapy, because the interview assumes you already have this knowledge before being able to fully understand the 'difference that makes the difference' ... turning brief therapy into ultrabrief therapy. Without this previous knowledge, the (even professional) listener will be very likely to misunderstand the content of this interview, because of missing the context provided by thorough 'Solution Focused Therapy' training. That is why we reserve this training exclusively to graduated advanced Solution Focused Therapists, embedded in a qualified training program.

At he European Brief Therapy Conference in Sofia 2017, Luc did 2 role played live demonstrations. You can watch them here:

Feel free to connect with us! Dr. Paul Koeck, MD (Selfhelp15Minutes4Me .com) Dr. Luc Isebaert, MD (LucIsebaertgmail .com)